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Blanton's Single Barrel Black & Red Bundle

Blanton's Single Barrel Black & Red Bundle

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Bundle contains: 1 Blanton’s Black Label & 1 Blanton’s Red Label Bourbon 

Produced exclusively for the Japanese export market at 80 proof, Blanton's Black Label is one of the rarest bourbon whiskeys in the world. Remarkably similar to the green-labeled Special Reserve, the main difference is an 8-year minimum aged barrel selection process (as opposed to the standard 6), which produces a more complex, robust, and refined tasting experience. Like the Takara Red edition, the Black Label is a statement piece for any serious collector and a must-try for any keen Blanton's enthusiast.

*Boxes are usually included*

Bottle Sizes: 700ml

Due to Blanton’s sensitive wax seal, minor leaks or wax damage may occur occasionally during transit. Due to the recent high temperatures, although rare the wax seal may crack, whiskey can leak onto the cap and cause minor discoloration or the lid may slightly rise due to the heat and pressure. THIS IS NOT GROUNDS FOR A REPLACEMENT regardless if this is a gift. Our protection plan will only provide a partial discount at our discretion depending on the volume of leakage or damage. NO REFUNDS OR REPLACEMENTS WILL BE OFFERED. 

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