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Ayiti Bitters Co.

Ayiti Bitters Co. Fey Anme (Forest Liqueur) - 750ML

Ayiti Bitters Co. Fey Anme (Forest Liqueur) - 750ML

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Ayiti Bitters Co. Fey Anme (Forest Liqueur)

If you are looking for a unique and exotic liqueur, look no further than Ayiti Bitters Co. Fey Anme (Forest Liqueur). This herbal liqueur is made from a blend of wild plants, flowers, roots, and spices that grow in the lush forests of Haiti. The result is a complex and balanced flavor that is earthy, floral, spicy, and sweet. Ayiti Bitters Co. Fey Anme (Forest Liqueur) is perfect for sipping on its own or mixing with your favorite cocktails. It also pairs well with cheese, chocolate, nuts, and pastries. Try this forest liqueur today and discover the rich and diverse taste of Haiti. 

Product Details:

  • Country: Haiti
  • State: Ouest
  • Brand: Ayiti Bitters Co.
  • Spirits Type: Liqueur
  • Spirits Style: Herbal
  • Taste: Earthy, floral, spicy, and sweet
  • Food Pairings: Cheese, chocolate, nuts, and pastries

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