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Banhez Ensemble Joven Mezcal 84 Proof - 750ML

Banhez Ensemble Joven Mezcal 84 Proof - 750ML

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Banhez Ensemble Joven Mezcal 84 Proof

Banhez Ensemble Joven Mezcal is a smooth and refreshing mezcal made from a blend of 90% Espadin and 10% Barril agaves. This mezcal is perfect for first-time tasters and cocktail lovers, as it offers a delightful balance of floral and fruity notes, with hints of pineapple and banana. Banhez Ensemble Joven Mezcal is produced by a co-operative of 36+ families in the village of San Miguel Ejutla, who follow the traditional methods of their ancestors to create this artisanal spirit. Enjoy Banhez Ensemble Joven Mezcal neat, on the rocks, or mixed with your favorite ingredients to create a delicious and unique drink.

Product Details:

  • Country: Mexico
  • State: Oaxaca
  • Brand: Banhez
  • Spirits Type: Mezcal
  • Spirits Style: Joven
  • ABV: 42%
  • Taste: Mild, floral, fruity, pineapple, banana
  • Food Pairings: Cheese, seafood, grilled meats, chocolate

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