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Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series Tale of Two Islands - 750ML

Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series Tale of Two Islands - 750ML

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Barrell Bourbon Cask Finish Series: Tale of Two Islands

Experience a unique blend of straight bourbons, each aged to perfection, and finished in barrels that tell a story of two distinct islands. This limited-edition bourbon is a testament to Barrell Craft Spirits’ innovative approach to blending and finishing, offering a taste that’s as complex as it is captivating.

Product Details:

  • Country: United States
  • State: Distilled in Indiana and Maryland
  • Brand: Barrell Craft Spirits
  • Spirits Type: Bourbon
  • Spirits Style: Cask Finished
  • ABV: 59.11%
  • Taste: A symphony of contrasts, this bourbon harmonizes the sweetness of rum with the smokiness of Islay casks. Expect a bold palate of dark chocolate, espresso, and a hint of tropical fruit, culminating in a finish that’s both robust and subtly peated.
  • Food Pairings: Complements rich, savory dishes like smoked brisket or a decadent dark chocolate dessert.

Remember: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine, and other alcoholic beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. For more information, visit

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