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Beringer Founders' Estate Pinot Grigio California

Beringer Founders' Estate Pinot Grigio California

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Product Description

Beringer Founders' Estate Pinot Grigio is selected from vineyards in the California Delta. These vineyards are bathed in sunshine during the day and experience cool nights that allow for even ripening of the grapes. Some fruit from the Central Coast, influenced by the marine layer, were added for bright fruit characteristics. The geographic differences between the two regions bring unique flavors and characteristics that make it an an immediately appealing wine.

Brand Description

Beringer Founders' Estate honors the pioneering sense of discovery that brought founding brothers Jacob and Frederick Beringer to California with dreams of crafting fine wine and led them to found Beringer Vineyards in 1876. Today the Beringer Founders' Estate line of wines offer concentrated expressions of the most popular varietals, steeped in quality that comes from Beringer's history of crafting great wines from all over California for more than 140 vintages.

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