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Ca'Bolani Friuli Aquileia Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Ca'Bolani Friuli Aquileia Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

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It is a Sauvignon Blanc that, on the nose, reveals hints of Mediterranean broom and tropical fruits, made even more elegant by the floral caress of hawthorn. It has the finesse of a Loire wine combined with the warmth of the Mediterranean. Its aromatic style makes it ideal for bringing out the best in fish, seafood and vegetable-based dishes, but it is also an excellent accompaniment for ethnic cuisines. It is a "glocal" wine: one that contains the roots and spirit of Friuli - from which it comes - as well as an international flavour.

Producer Description

The Tenuta Ca' Bolani lies in the heart of the Aquileia D.O.C. and represents the largest single extension of vineyards in Northern Italy, with a total area of around 600 hectares under vine.It was the first property purchased by the Zonin family outside the Veneto - in 1970 - and the Zonins have restored it to its greatest splendour, making it into one of the most precious gems in Friuli's wine sector.Today the Tenuta Ca' Bolani has become increasingly well-known around the world thanks to the elegance and refinement of it wines, its constant quest for outstanding quality - both in the vineyard and in the winery.In the area around Aquileia the equilibrium of the microclimate is perfect: the temperate breezes from the nearby Adriatic sea moderate the heat of summer, the warmth of the sunshine allows for excellent ripening of the fruit and the marked lowering of the temperature during the night enhances the grapes' primary aromas, thus giving the wines an intense personality.The area in which the Tenuta Ca' Bolani is located forms part of a zone that is particularly suitable for the production of high-quality wines: it lies in the so-called "Alpha" climate zone, where the thermal summations that occur correspond to those of other famous European wine-growing areas.

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