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Cali Distillery

Cali Distillery Riptide Cask Strength Rye Whiskey

Cali Distillery Riptide Cask Strength Rye Whiskey

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Riptide is CALI Distillery's idea of a perfect small batch rye whiskey. It is 95% rye with just enough malted barley to drive the fermentation process. Cask strength, this 118 proof spirit has a beautiful amber color and an earthy overtone. The rich butterscotch notes of oak complement the underlying spice of the rye to make an incredibly smooth rye whiskey.

We didn’t realize that we were going into the liquor business. We just thought that we were sharing a delicious home made drink with friends. Our founder – Taste Mistress, and resident foodie – started making homemade liqueurs in our kitchen. The result was fantastic. Sweet, clear, fruity, floral and powerful. We poured it for dinner guests and they were hooked too. Soon a few bottles grew to dozens of bottles and we had local stores asking to carry our liqueurs.

By the time we caught our breath, we had an operating distilled spirits plant, pallets of liquor, gold medals, industry recognition, and two of the best liqueurs on the market. But our taste mistress is a whiskey girl at heart, and we started dreaming about a whiskey we could call our own. It took us a few years and the sipping whiskey that emerged is something unique and incredible. CALI – A full-bodied whiskey with whispers of wonderful aromatic spices and botanicals.

California is a sun-washed land of dreamers and builders, with a relaxed creativity and natural luxury inspiring the world. CALI Whiskey is reflection of that warm, welcoming, mellow culture. Rich, and smooth, with a deep tan and a bit of easy-going complexity CALI Distillery presents a unique California Twist on classic American Sipping Whiskey.

​We make every bottle by hand – in our little beach town distilled spirits plant – from all natural ingredients.

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