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Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo - 750ML

Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo - 750ML

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Liquor Bottle Spotlight: Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo - 750ML 

Introduction Welcome to our exclusive liquor bottle spotlight! Today, we’re exploring Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo, a distinguished wine that is a true embodiment of Italian winemaking tradition, exceptional craftsmanship, and rich, complex flavors. This bottle is a treasure for both the seasoned connoisseur and the curious newcomer.

About Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo

  • Name: Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo
  • Type: Red Wine
  • Origin: Piedmont, Italy
  • Distillery: Casa E. De Mirafiore

Flavor Profile Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo offers a captivating flavor profile that is sure to tantalize the senses:

  • Aroma: Intense red berries nose with overtones of vanilla, spices, withered roses, and black liquorice
  • Taste: Full-bodied and firmly structured, featuring crushed raspberry, ripe Morello cherry, licorice, and tobacco
  • Finish: Elegantly imposing with powerful and harmonious tannins, dry but soft, and well-balanced

Key Features

  • Craftsmanship: Fermented traditionally in stainless steel vats and aged for two years in oak barrels of medium and large capacity, followed by a further period of aging in the bottle
  • Packaging: The bottle likely features a design that reflects the elegance and tradition of Barolo wines.
  • Pairings: Pairs well with traditional Piedmontese meat main courses, risotto with truffles, and roasted duck

Why Choose Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo?

  • Rare Gem: A superb expression of the Nebbiolo grape, showcasing the terroir of Piedmont’s prestigious Barolo region
  • Award-Winning: Critically acclaimed, with a critic rating of 93/100 from Wine Enthusiast
  • Affordable Luxury: Offers a taste of luxury that is accessible and perfect for special occasions or as a sophisticated gift

Where to Buy Casa E. De Mirafiore Barolo can be found at select liquor stores, online retailers like Port2Port and Wine-Searcher, or directly from the winery. It’s a wine that promises to enrich any dining experience and should not be missed by those who appreciate fine Italian wines. Don’t miss out on this exceptional Barolo!

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