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Cava De Oro

Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila - 750ML

Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila - 750ML

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Liquor Bottle Spotlight: Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila - 750ML 

Introduction Welcome to our exclusive liquor bottle spotlight! Today, we’re featuring the Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila, a premium spirit that is a true celebration of tradition, craftsmanship, and exceptional flavor. This tequila is a must-try for both the seasoned connoisseur and the curious newcomer.

About Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila

  • Name: Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila
  • Type: Tequila
  • Origin: Jalisco (Los Valles), Mexico
  • Distillery: Tequilera Puerta de Hierro
  • Alcohol Content: 42% ABV (84-proof)

Flavor Profile The Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila offers a captivating flavor profile that is sure to tantalize the senses:

  • Aroma: Smoky notes reminiscent of mezcal, with cooked agave, smoke, and tomatillo
  • Taste: A delightful combination of grassy, herbal, and citrus notes, with a palate of cooked agave and smoke
  • Finish: Quick and bright, leaving a lasting impression of the tequila’s quality and smoothness

Key Features

  • Craftsmanship: Utilizing a traditional processing line including an earthen pit and stone tahona, this tequila is double distilled and offers smoky notes due to cooking in volcanic stone ovens with direct contact to firewood
  • Packaging: The bottle design is sure to catch the eye, reflecting the luxurious and bold spirit that lies within
  • Pairings: While this tequila can certainly be enjoyed on its own, it also pairs well with a variety of foods and can be a great addition to sophisticated cocktails.

Why Choose Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila?

  • Rare Gem: This tequila is the first of the line of expressions from NOM 1477 utilizing their newly built traditional processing line
  • Award-Winning: It has received a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021
  • Affordable Luxury: Priced at $59.00, it offers an affordable luxury experience for those who appreciate the finer things in life

Where to Buy You can find Cava De Oro Plata Tahona Tequila at select liquor stores, online retailers like Sip Tequila, or directly from the distillery. Don’t miss out on this exceptional spirit!

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