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Dos Artes

Dos Artes Blanco Ceramic Bottle Tequila

Dos Artes Blanco Ceramic Bottle Tequila

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Region: The Lowlands Amatitán, Jalisco.
Master Distiller: Jesús Partida
Agave Cooking: Autoclave
Extraction Roll Mill
Fermentation: Natural, hybrid.
Distillation: Alambique (Pot Still) Double Distillation
Category: Tequila 100% Blue Agave, 40% ABV
Tasting notes
Peaches, cherries, and ripened bananas, along with contrasting spices like cinnamon, black pepper, and delicate hints of English mint.
Fruit melody, honey, agave, and cinnamon are all married to achieve a silky and sweet taste.

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