Lion Tamer by Hess Collection Cabernet Sauvignon

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Lion Tamer is the power of the Napa Valley harnessed. These wines are a pure representation of the winemaker’s craft and their ability to tame the unruly tannins of mountain fruit. The name Lion Tamer has become our nickname for Malbec because we use this grape as a blending variety to tame powerful tannins.

There is a touch of Malbec to the blend to develop a softness in the tannins, making this a smooth and seamless wine. These mouthwatering tannins surround the palate, framing layered elements of bright blueberry, toasty oak, and deliciously rich mocha. In crafting this wine, the goal is to achieve perfect balance, with well-integrated vanilla oak notes and a lengthy, elegant finish.

Size: 750ml