Kentucky Owl 10 Yr. Rye Whiskey Batch 3

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Kentucky Owl Rye 10 Year Batch 3 Whiskey stands as a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of rye whiskey. Each batch of Kentucky Owl Rye Whiskey presents a unique profile, distinct from its predecessors, and Batch 3 is no exception. This review explores its characteristics, sampled neat in a Glencairn glass, to understand how it fares against its lineage.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The aroma of Batch 3 is a refreshing departure from the ordinary. It exudes a "fresh" essence, characterized by an intriguing blend of peppermint candies, fresh mint, wildflowers, cherries, and a zesty orange note. Remarkably, despite being crafted from Kentucky rye whiskies, it avoids the typical bourbon-like profile, favoring instead a botanical and floral dominance that overshadows the usual vanilla and caramel notes. A unique and nostalgic scent reminiscent of Nestle Quick powder adds a playful twist to the bouquet.

Palate: The palate continues the theme of freshness, with an herbaceous and minty opening. It unfolds to reveal a delightful mix of gingersnap cookies, balanced by the sweet notes of toffee and honey. The complexity deepens with a full spectrum of baking spices - cinnamon, clove, star anise, and fennel seed - making it one of the more intricate and rich rye whiskies available.

Finish: The finish is abundant with mint, menthol, and botanical notes, lingering long after each sip. Despite its decade-long aging in new charred oak, the whiskey concludes with a surprisingly "bright" finish. This brightness is not just a pleasant surprise but a highlight, contributing to the whiskey's overall appeal.

Overall Impression: Kentucky Owl Rye 10 Year Batch 3 is a whiskey that nearly reaches the pinnacle of excellence. Its only shortfall, preventing it from an "Incredible" rating, is its subtle expression of its age. While the balance of flavors is impeccable, the expected tannins and aged characteristics like oak or tobacco are more subdued compared to other batches. Nonetheless, this rye whiskey justifies its price tag, offering a rich, complex, and satisfying experience that both honors its heritage and stands out in its own right.

Size: 750ml