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Bushwood Spirits Looper Vodka

Bushwood Spirits Looper Vodka

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Bushwood Spirits proudly presents our highly anticipated Looper Vodka. Distilled from the finest potatoes harvested anywhere in the world, we went through painstaking analysis of every type of vodka distillate to create this experience, without thought to cost, focusing instead on the quality of the taste, mouth feel/viscosity, finish, etc. For us, there was no comparison. The finest vodkas in the world are made from Potato distillate, and ours is no exception. Distilled, filtered and bottled in Charleston, South Carolina - one of the great American party cities - everything about this clear spirit is designed for maximum quality, maximum fun and minimum damage.

Celebrate Responsibly, get home safely, and always remember to know Who's Your Caddie®

  • Ultra Premium
  • Hand Crafted Vodka
  • 40% ALC / VOL
  • 80 PROOF
  • 750 ML
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