Riazul Plata Tequila

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Riazul Plata Tequila

Indulge in the essence of tradition with Riazul Plata Tequila. Crafted for the discerning tequila aficionados, this exquisite spirit embodies the purest form of agave expression, making it a favorite among connoisseurs worldwide.


  • Unmasked Agave Character: Experience the authentic taste of agave, untainted by additives or impurities.
  • Pristine Quality: Made from carefully selected, mature agave plants, ensuring the highest quality fructose content.
  • Jalisco Highlands Influence: Delight in the distinct aromas and flavors that are unique to the Jalisco highlands, the heart of tequila production.

In Mexico and around the world, friends are gathering to sip on tequila. Riazul Plata represents the most traditional form of tequila and is the choice of tequila purist who seek unmasked agave character. The long maturing agave plant achieves the highest quality fructose and reveals the unique aromas and flavors that are indigenous to the Jalisco highlands.

Size: 750ml