Santo Blanco Fino Tequila

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Santo Blanco Fino Tequila

Indulge in the exquisite Santo Blanco Fino Tequila, crafted from the finest 100% Blue Weber Agave sourced from the sun-kissed Highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. Elevate your senses with this exceptional tequila that embodies purity and sophistication.

Key Features:

  • Smooth Perfection: Enjoy a smooth drinking experience with a perfectly balanced and distinct agave flavor profile.
  • Complex Taste: Delight in the full-bodied notes of earthy white pepper and refreshing citrus aromas that dance on your palate.
  • Intense Agave Essence: Savour the delicate hints of spice and floral undertones that enhance the rich intensity of the agave.
  • Crafted with Expertise: Created by the collaboration of rock legend Sammy Hagar, renowned chef Guy Fieri, and master distiller Juan Eduardo Nuñez, ensuring a spirit of unparalleled quality.
  • Unique Offering: Experience a taste revelation with Santo’s Tequila Blanco and the pioneering Mezquila, setting new standards in the world of spirits.

Unveil a world of sinfully smooth old-world tequila charm and be part of history with the world’s first Mezquila, all stemming from a legacy of friendship, passion for great flavors, and a relentless quest for a higher spirit. Embrace the Santo experience today.

Santo Tequila Blanco Is Made From Only The Finest 100% Blue Weber Agave From The Highlands Of Jalisco, Mexico. To The Pure, All Things Are Pure. Our Tequila Blanco Is Smooth, With Balanced And Notable Agave. Full And Complex Notes In Taste Are Complimented By Earthy, White Pepper And Citrus Aromas. Delicate Spice And Floral Flavors Add To The Intensity Of The Agave When Sammy Hagar Gets Together With Friends In Cabo San Lucas You Never Know What's Coming Next. So Begins The History Behind Santo’s Tequila Blanco And Mezquila - Both Borne Out Of Good Friends, Great Food, A Lot Of Tequila And The Search For A Taste Revelation: “a Higher Spirit.” Together, Rocker Sammy Hagar And Chef Guy Fieri Found Their Virtuoso With Juan Eduardo Nuñez, The Third-generation Master Distiller From The Famed Distillery El Viejito, Founded In 1937, In The Highlands Of Jalisco, Mexico. Sammy’s History Of Making World-renowned Tequila, Guy’s World-famous Taste Buds, And Juan Eduardo’s Award-winning Craftsmanship, Bring To Life The Portfolio Of Santo Spirits; A Sinfully Smooth Old World Style Tequila Blanco, And The World’s First Mezquila.

Size: 750ml