Thomas S. Moore Chardonnay Casks

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The spice slowly grows bolder as it opens and brings a touch more fruit with it. I can’t say I’m really getting much in the way of wine notes on the aroma and it just reminds me of their bourbon.
NOSE: Oak, caramel, slightly herbal baking spice, dried dark fruit, vanilla frosting, a bit of nuts, and peanut brittle.

PALATE: Oak, caramel, baking spice, dried grapey fruit, vanilla, roasted nuts and a slightly earthy herbalness.

There’s the wine. It really pops on the palate of this Thomas S. Moore Bourbon Chardonnay Casks, but I don’t get a nice, integrated, delivery. The wine and the bourbon are fighting more than they’re complementing.

FINISH: Medium -> Grapey sweet, oak, nuts, and a slightly metallic off-note fades to a slightly off wine note.
Size: 750ml